The Ultimate Simply Curry Bundle with Recipe $14.99

The Ultimate Simply Curry Bundle with Recipe $14.99

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For those who don't want to use the bottled green seasoning,I have the perfect package for you.  In this bundle you will be making your own GREEN SEASONING

I have put  together the  ultimate curry bundle for your curry chicken or any other curry dish.

This packet comes with 2 exclusive curry recipes for you to make and enjoy in your own kitchen. All you need is your fresh lime or lemon juice, and your main ingredient, follow my recipe and you will be in Caribbean Curry Heaven.

Included are :

Recipe for Green Seasoning 

1 Pack Chief Curry Powder - The same as used in all our cooking classes and events (8oz)

1 Pack Chief  Roasted Geera/Cumin- A must have for that extra kick in your dishes (3oz)

1 Pack Chief Garam Masala - Just to add some more flavor to your dishes (3oz)

1 Pack Chief Saffron Powder - Give your dishes a nice and rich color, can be used in much more than curry dishes (3oz)

As an added bonus , we will add  a pack of our Buss up Shut Roti  and Fry Bake Ready Mix , all you have to do is add  water.