The Perfect Pholourie & Tamarind  Bundle
Chief Chadon Beni Chutney - Simply Caribbean
Chief Pholourie Mix - Simply Caribbean
Chief Green Seasoning - Simply Caribbean
Matouk's Scorpion Pepper Sauce - Simply Caribbean
Chief Tamarind Chutney -  Simply Caribbean
Chief Tamarind Hot Sauce - Simply Caribbean
Plantain Strips - Plantain Chips - Simply Caribbean

The Perfect Pholourie & Tamarind Bundle

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 I have put  together the  ultimate bundle for your Pholourie cravings with some extras

This bundle also comes with 2 exclusive  recipes for you to make and enjoy in your own kitchen. All you need is the motivation and willingness to get into the kitchen and cook, with this bundle and recipes it will be very easy, just follow my recipes and you will be in Caribbean Pholourie Heaven.

Included are :

1 Pack of Chief Pholourie Instant Mix (10.5 OZ) single bag

1 Jar of Chief Chadon Beni Chutney  - Tasty dip for your pholourie (12oz) (370ml)

1 Jar of Chief  Tamarind  Chutney- Delicious as a dip as well (12oz) (370ml)

1 Bottle Chief Premium Green Seasoning - Add excellent flavor to your dishes (300ml)(10oz)

1 Bottle Chief Tamarind Pepper Sauce -  A little dash goes a long way  155ml (5oz)

1 Bottle Matouks Scorpion Pepper Sauce - For that extra spicy kick (1.5oz)

1 Pack  of Plantain Strips - Brand may vary with each bundle (3.5oz)

As an added bonus , we will add  a pack of our Fry Bake Ready Mix ,  all you have to do is add  water.