Grace Jamaican Breakfast & More Bundle

Grace Jamaican Breakfast & More Bundle

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I have put together the ultimate bundle for your Jamaican Breakfast cravings with some extras This bundle also comes with 2 exclusive recipes for you to make and enjoy in your own kitchen. All you need is the motivation and willingness to get into the kitchen and cook. With this bundle and recipes it will be very easy, just follow my recipes and you will be in Caribbean Jamaican Heaven.
  1. 1 can Ackee  Canned ackees are precooked, for your convenience. Ackees are most often prepared with salted codfish. This combination is the national dish of Jamaica. 
  2. 1 Can Grace Jack Mackerel in brine  is perfect as a convenient meal or snack. Grace Mackerel is the preferred brand because of it's delicious authentic flavor. 15 oz  
  3. 1 can Grace Sardines in Water 
  4. 1 can Grace Vienna Jerk Sausage 4oz -
  5. 1 pack Grace Festival Jamaican dough mix - Makes 26 festivals 
  6. 1 bottle Grace Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce Very delicious 5oz 
  7. 1 bottle Grace Caribbean Style Pepper Sauce adds both flavor and heat to your meal 5oz 
  8. 2 pack Grace Instant Cornmeal Porridge  2.12 oz So delicious 
  9. 2 pack Grace Instant Oatmeal Porridge  2.12oz


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