Chief Hot & Spicy  Variety 3-Pack

Chief Hot & Spicy Variety 3-Pack

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Get this Variety 3-Pack of CHIEF brand top ingredients for cooking like a Trinidadian.

1 Pack Chief Hot & Spicy Goat & Duck Curry Powder  8oz is specifically blended for your Duck and Goat dishes. Use this authentic duck/goat curry powder to bring out the richest flavors in your meats. Enjoy with roti , rice and dhal and more.

1 Bottle Chief Green Seasoning 10-OZ is made from herbs grown in the hills of Paramin, North Trinidad. Great as a marinade for everything

1 Pack Chief Roasted Geera 8.1oz. Cumin/Geera  tastes good in all Mexican and Indian dishes like curries. Try Chief Roasted Geera with pickles, cabbage, meat stew, some cheeses, tomato based sauces and many more